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The Glory of Tar Valon Casts Long Shadows

Shaded Glory
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She was the Amyrlin Seat.
The Amyrlin was the leader of the Aes Sedai.
Without leadership, direction, strength and unity, the Tower would be ruled by infighting, bickering, and often less than ideal compromise.
Conclusion: She must become the leader that was needed, by whatever means she had, despite whatever obstacles might be placed in her path...

She knew there must be a more efficient way, a way to cut through the bureaucracy and accomplish what needed to be done. And she found one. It was against Tower Law...but sometimes one must bend the rules in order to preserve that which formed the rules in the first place...

She chose her first recruit in what would be a tool to do the Tower's work...her work, but for the good of the White Tower. A dozen sets of hands cannot direct a knife...it must cut where it was needed, and only one hand could guide it. That hand must be hers. And the tool must therefore be one that no one else could seize. Likewise, a knife is useless if it is dull, or tied in the scabbard. Her tool must therefore be sharp and honed, and must be unbound by needless restrictions.

When she was finished, she would have what she required...and let history judge whether the ends justified the means.